The OM Experts

Canada Maple Leaf Opening Minds (OM) has been established in Beijing since 2011 helping Chinese children in the K12 range (3-18 years of age) to become more successful on an international scale by helping them understand and apply new cultural information, build broader experiences helping, and helping them adjust quickly to change.

Opening Minds (OM) focuses on cross-culture education via “OM English CLUB” and “English SALON” which are conducted completely by native English speakers, so our members can learn English as a second mother language, and be on their way to becoming citizens of the world.


The Opening Minds (OM) English Club vision



The OM English CLUB is based on the understanding that children develop within a complex set of interrelated systems that includes the family, the school, the broader community, and the world.

The OM Culture CLUB recognizes the importance for the child’s development of the interrelationships between these systems and among these systems, and builds on those. Holding this interconnectedness at the centre of its vision, the program sets children on a more positive trajectory for learning through Cross-Culture Communication.



The OM English Club CLUB purpose


The purpose of  the culture club is to help our members establish a strong foundation for learning in the early years/youth, and to do so in a safe and caring play-based environment that promotes the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of all children.


The OM English CLUB goals:

  • To prepare youth for the future in every aspect of living
  • To develop the personal inclination and the natural genius of every child
  • To encourage freedom of expression but with respect and good manners
  • To help the children find their function as adults, for themselves, their country and the world
  • To do so by the united efforts of teachers, parents and children together

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