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The OM English CLUB uses Cross-Culture Communication to promote a fun, positive and constructive environment so our members can be comfortable and relaxed so they can learn things both easily and quickly. The OM English CLUB conducts both indoor and outdoor activities to explore and interact with a broad range of topic material in a variety of different settings all in English for the following purposes:

  • To give our members a native English speaking environment so they can learn English as a second mother tongue.
  • To establish a strong foundation for learning in the early years by providing children with an interactive, happy, encouraging, play-based, comfortable, relaxed and inquisitive environment.
  • To improve children’s prospects for success in school and in their lives beyond school in the 21st century on an international scale.
  • Educate our members about the western style of thinking – critical thinking skills.
  • Improve the English level of our members: listening and speaking skills.
  • Allow our members to explore western culture and the world by interacting with it through different activities.


OM English CLUB “HOT topics”

Magic Kitchen – allergy safe food: pizza, cookies, cupcakes, salads, pastries, bread, and bake vegetables the way they want.

English Garden – play games, role play, sing songs, complete activities, interactive whiteboard, drama, art

Opening Minds Experiments – make toys, solve problems, and complete experiments in groups.

Western TV/movies – Learn local language from the popular TV series/movies

Creative DIY Crafts – design buildings, puppets, books, jewelry, masks, seasonal crafts, desk accessories, crafts.



The OM English SALONmultiple intelligence - new

The OM English SALON focuses on exercising the children’s multiple intelligence helping our members become more well-rounded individuals and setting them on a life-long path of learning and applying information

The OM English SALON sessions can be both indoor and outdoor based on the topic matter. OM will custom design these topics according to the interests of our members, as we want to keep them excited and looking forward to each session.



OM English SALON “HOT topics”

new multiple intelligence



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